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husiastic echoes and won gratifying reputation. On the basis of learni▓ng from the experience from su

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ccessful cases, 鈥淎D Season鈥?came to the nationwide prestig▓ious Sichuan University when the summer of 2007 was around the corner. The impact of the global financial crisis has forced more and more Chinese enterprises recognize the importance of independent innovation. But

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at a forum in▓ Beijing, some experts point out that.. to greatly improve Chinese enterprises' innov?/p>

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坅tive capabilities, much needs to be done to foster a favorable environment.The purpose of▓ the forum was to h

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onor 100 Chinese enterprises for the▓ir performance in independent innovation. The rating system and the honors that can be won

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are the first of their kind in China, and aim to encourage more independent innovation in the country. Among the top 10 b

est performers recognized at the event ▓were China Aerospace Science & Industry Group and ▓China National Chemical Corporation. The latter ranks 19th in the global top 100 list of chemical firms. A senior executive of the company says innovation has been a k

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ey factor to their success, and is even more▓ important in fighting world economic turbulence.Ren Jianxin, GM China National Chemical Corp., said, "The financial crisis has rung the alarm and pro

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pelled us to think and prepare for the adj▓ustment of our industrial and product structure. We will do more in areas of new materials, special chemical products, as we▓ll as biological and e

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nvironmental technologies. Because we believe the new energy sector may become the engine of world economic growth in the future."In spite of several success stories, some▓ experts say Chinese enterprises still lag far behind their western counterparts▓ in the area of innovation.Cheng Siwei, the former Vice Chairman of the Nati▓onal People's Congress Standing Committee, points out Chinese enterprises have not yet beco▓me the principal practicer of innovation in the country.JAKARTA, June 26 (Xinhua) -- A group of Indonesians high school students have won th

e top prize in Global Enterprise Challenge (GEF) 2009, defeating last year's winner from New Zealand, Antara news agency said here Friday.Teams from the United States, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Africa and Singapore also participated in the competition.Indonesia is the first Asian country to win the GEC since it was first held in Scotland in 2002.GEC was hosted by Careers Scotland for the first five years, by the Welsh Assembly Government in 2007 and by Australian Business Week in 2008.In 2009 it was hosted once again in the origin place, at the Un

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iversity of Strathclyde

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in Glasgow.Many service outsou

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rcing enterprises in the Z

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hongguancun Software Park

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(Zpark) grew despite the global financial crisis. Reporters learned recently that Beijing鈥▓檚 service outsourcing in

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dustry continued to maintain rapid growth in the first five months of this year. The service outsourcing rev▓enue d

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uring this period amounted to 207 million USD, an increase of ▓28.6 percent year-on-year.Outsourcing enterprises need

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to ▓undertake high-end core businesses鈥淧roviding software outsourcing s▓ervices is not 鈥榙oing odd jobs鈥?for ot

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hers, but helping customers design products,鈥?said Li ▓Bo, Vice-president of iSoftStone Information Service C▓orpor

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ation. He also added that if outsourcing service enterprises are capable of providing high-end services, they should

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undertake high-end core businesses like industri▓al solutions. Reporters learned that iSoftStone impressed its customers with its 鈥淶hongguancun Speed鈥?when it took less than two months to work out a ▓project plan. Since June last year, United Bank of Switzerland (UBS), China Life Insurance Co. Ltd, Bank of China and others have successively▓ become iSoftStone big clients. 鈥淭his year busines▓s is expected to grow by 80 percent,鈥?Li said.Beijing was one ▓of the first regions to develop China service ou▓tsourcing business. The traditional concept of service outsourcing is helping others to finish non-core businesses, but now the Zhonggua▓ncun enterprises are already dissatisfied with providing 鈥渘on-core鈥?services. They are now depending on talents and technologies for innovation. An official from Beijing Asso▓ciation of Sourcing Service (BASS) said that many enterprises have become capable of applying internationally advanced modes in China ▓after they master industrial operation rules. This is an emerging tren▓d.Service outsourcing enterprises will become large employersThe share price of VanceInfo Technologies Inc. increased significantly despite the financial crisis. The company is the first Chinese service outsourcing enterprise listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Its first-quarter report of 2009 showed that the net revenue of the company primary business reach▓ed 30.1 million USD, an increase of 46.8 percent year-o▓n-year. By the end of March this year, VanceInfo employed 6,075 people in total, nearly ▓90 percent of which are engineers. It had just 5,000 em

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ployees at the end of las▓t year. An officer from VanceInfo said that talent is the bigge▓st challenge facing the development of enterprises.An off▓icial from iSoftStones said that the company will train 3,000 to 3,600 college students this year. Of this, 50 percent will be employed.▓ Reporters learned that many service outsourcing enterprises are actively training

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college students in order to pool talents. According to statistics from the BASS, the service outsourcing enterprises will provide jobs for at least 10,000 college students this year.Policy to accelerate healthy development of service outsourcing industryRecently, the General Office of B


eijing Municipal Government published▓ the Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Service Outsourcing Industry. The opinions were originally issued by Beijing Municipal Commer▓ce Commission to implement policies supporting servi▓ce outsourcing enterprises. Th

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terprises鈥?capacity and standard of undertaking offshore service outsourcing businesses. This will further optimize Beijing foreign trade export structure, enlarge the scale of the service economy and enhance the standards of the service ▓industry. More job opportunities will be created for college students by developing offshore service outsourcing businesses.At present, there are about over 400 se

rvice outsourcing ent▓erprises in Beijing, employing over 100,000 people. The industrial development level of the outsourcing industry has led other industries in the entire nation. The top 20 service outsourcing enterprises achieved an annual export volume of over 100 million USD each. The number of enterprises having passed relevant international standard assessment reached 192, ranking first in China.&nbsp;Translated b

y LOTOChina's market watchdog has published 2 rules over issuance examination and recommendation for the country's first Growth Enterprise Board. The rules will take effect from mid-June. In addition to the existing 3 rules from the market regulator, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has also laid down its own regulations.A decade after the initial proposal and following years of

anticipation, the launch of ▓China's growth enterprise market (GEM) is finally within view.The country's top stock market watchdog -- the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) -- published rules governing listings on the board at the end ▓of March, and they take effect on May 1. Meanwhile,▓ more rules on auditing committees and sponsors have also been released.The exchange will focus on ▓small, finance-starved innovat

ive start-ups with strong growth potential. The move ha▓s been widely applauded by venture capitalists in China, but some investor representatives worry that too many of the companies listed will be high risk.They also voice skepticism over the GEM's prospects, given the poor track record for similar efforts in other countries. Yet one thing seems clear as the market gets ready for take-off -- the po

ol of candidates for listing on China's GEM will likely be large.Supporter▓s, such as Wang Shouren, Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, believe that launching the GEM will more ef▓fectively allocate financial resources and "promote the transfer of resources to productive us▓es, which will be an important driving force for a second industrial revolution."He also believes that "now is good timing" for

the launch. With hundreds of billions of dollars of stimulus in the pipeline, and the Shanghai Stock Market Composite Index▓ rallying gradually to above 2,300, "investor confidence is on the rise." That's certainly better than late 2008, when the index fell to nearly 2,000.Related stories:CNOOC New Energy Investment Co Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Of

fshore Oil Corp (CNOOC), and Datong Coal Mine Group will invest 30 billion yuan in a coal-to-gas project in Datong, Shanxi province.CNOOC, China's top offshore oil and gas producer, said the investment would go towards building the coal-to-gas plant with an annual capacity of 4 billion cu m of natural gas, and construction of supporting projects including two coal mines each with an annual output of 10 million tons, relevant c

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oal washing mills and coal gangue-fired power plants.Apart from natural gas, the plant will also produce diesel, gasoline and other chemical products, th▓e company added.It is estimated that the coal-based clean energy project will pull▓ in roughly 26 billion yuan in sales for CNOOC and Datong combined.B▓ut, the company has not disclosed a detailed timetable for th▓e constr

uction and operation of the plant.The project aims to tap Datong's vast coal reserves an▓d increase the supply of clean and reliable natural gas to Shanxi province and the Bohai Bay Rim ▓area, which covers regions such as Shandong, Liaoning, Hebei and Tianjin, China'▓s engines of growth.The company said the project would also boost the ene▓rgy structure in those regions, as mor

e clean energy would be supplied.It's taken 10 years for C▓hinese authorities to reach a decision to set up the Growt▓h Enterprise Board. What's needed now are detailed preparations to launch thi▓s much-anticipated "NASDAQ" style exchange. The head of capital markets from UBS Se▓curities, Joseph Chee, says the GEMS board is good news for smaller companies who need to raise ca

pital. He has suggested that the securities watchdog ease entry requirements for ▓growing companies. 1. One step closer to "China's NASDAQ"2. E▓xpert: Authorities may ease entry requirementsThe China Secu▓rities Regulatory Commission plans to invite industry experts to join the Issuance Examination Committee for the Growth Enterprises Board. They'll help select qualified com

panies get listed.Com▓mittee rules call for the CSRC to solicit public opinion on B▓oard regulations to clarify the issuing system and recommendation methods. A CSRC official has disclosed some of the listing details for the Growth Enterprises Board. Some m▓ajor securities companies and high-tech enterprises have already completed their preparations. Ouyang Zehua, Deputy Dir

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ector of Market Supervision Department of CSRC said "It first should introduce the entire regulation system. Next comes training ▓the agencies. We can now release the timetable for the applicant listing▓ materials, which is totally decided by the status of preparations by enterprises and recommended organizations."€The Tibet Autonomous Regional Gove▓rnment has decided to reward enterprises for hiring graduates from co

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